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When man kills nature.

this time i am going to talk about the killing of animals due to the belief that their fins or their tails or their horns or whatever can bring cures to diseases which are PROVEN to be permanent or incurable, for example: cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.. and this is a bit foolish to be honest, these guys are actually killing endangered animals because they think these animals can cure cancer. i think that is not the main issue though, i think they are killing endangered animals because there are people who buy the products.


just the other day i went to this store with my momma. this store sold traditional chinese medicines made of different types of herbs and even animal parts (tails, fins, skins, heads, or whatever) which they believe have medicinal effects. and i was so shocked to see there were two shark fins being sold too (or were they only displays? or souvenirs?)

this was one of the shark fins displayed in front of the store. can you believe that it's 1 meter in length? imagine the length of the whole shark (which is now dead since the fins have been cut off ).

so there! the fin was only for display! and one shark was killed for mere decoration!

i mean, what the ****, guys??!!!! is killing endangered sharks worth it??? even by eating those fins, what benefits do u get? only the taste? idiots..

here’s another:

another shark fin! this one was located opposite to the one before this. so there were 2 fins displayed in front of the store (one left, the other right).

so there (again) !!! this could probably be the fin of ANOTHER shark! if it is the fin of another shark, then……. ANOTHER SHARK WAS KILLED FOR MERE DECORATION!!! although to be honest this one looked a bit smaller than the other.. so yeah probably it’s the fin of another shark… holy cow..ho….ly…cow……….

to open your eyes even more, look at how the fins are taken from sharks. 🙂

look at the poor shark. it has no fin 🙂 (a sarcastic smiley)

image taken from (please visit the link)

observe how the shark is being killed. observe the blood. observe how the ruthless man cuts off the fin. and think: "do i still want to buy/eat shark fins?" poor sharks.....hmmmm.......

i got this image from the following link, please visit:

here are where the dead sharks are piled.

to see what they are going to do to the above sharks, visit (image taken from here too)

below the second fin, though, you could see something also being displayed………..

ta-daaaaahhh!!!!! this one was below the second fin.. it's an antler's horn.. cool! (hush! i'm being sarcastic again!!)

this horn was 1 meter to 1.5 meter in length (from one end to another), imagine the size of the actual antler!!!!! omg i really wanna see a real antler, NOT ITS HORN!!!!

and another horn was there too below the first fin, but i couldn’t take a picture of it that time because…well….the guard was looking at me….i dont think i was allowed to take photos but what the heck!!! as long as i dont get caught, everything’s fine :p

walking further into the store, i got to see more and more animal stuffs being sold. here are some:

i wonder what these frozen sea horses do for your health? look at the price tag: Rp.25.000/gram. which is.....about 2.5$ ? idk.. around that..








that’s how you maintain health..! the rational way! (and cheaper way 😉  )

and not to forget to mention: sea horses are endangered too. (according to

also check this out, i found this video on youtube. regarding SEA HORSES:





………… the following picture: sure what these are........ but they sure do look disgusting...ugh.....i have never seen the living versions of these guys though... must be cool reptiles.. the guys who eat them? NOT COOL.

aww look at that cute little baby deer..... too bad... IT'S DEAD.

another innocent endangered animal dead just for the sake of decoration….hmm… i wonder if those guys (who trade them) have any brains.. just look at the deer.. it’s still a baby…and it’s dead… :’)

again, the deer is endangered too, due to over-hunting.. read this 








so there!!!!!!

just take a look at the pictures one more time…..and notice that all of the animals sold there are endangered, and are sold at high prices.

if you’re planning to buy products of animals like those, or other animals that turn out to be endangered, think again.

because if you buy those products, then the killing will continue…

and continue…….

and continue….

whose fault, then?



YOUR FAULT, for buying.


and if the animals go extinct, whose fault, then?




YOUR FAULT, for buying those products from the first place. Realize that, please!!

i hope the pictures i posted could open your eyes to what is happening to our dear nature.. and to the animals that help color it…

the world is like a huge blank white canvas…the animals and the forests, are the colors that create the beautiful painting on the canvas…

if animals that color the world go extinct because of our doings, then…nature will lose its beauty….the world will lose its beauty….

and in turn, your children will not be able to see those wonderful sharks, or swim with those happy dolphins, or play with the cute deer, or see with their own eyes the magnificence of the tiger’s colors….







“When the buying stops, the killing can too.” Wild Aid

P.S. i could have take more pictures but the guard was already suspicious of me back then. >__<

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