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The Cove: a hidden tale of the dolphins.

sorry i have been so inactive nowadays… i am writing a novel, u see, and i have been so focused on my novel that i sometimes forget to post things in my blog… again, i apologize..

this time, guess what i am going to talk about in my post? okay forget it.. the title says it all! LOL

to start with, have you all watched the documentary “The Cove” ?

that’s one hell of a documentary there… i got frustrated when watching it with my whole class.. i am an animal lover.. i love nature.. especially marine animals.. i love them.. seeing people hunt them just enrages me..i mean, come on!!! can’t people think that what they are doing is threatening animal species??? those f*ckers..

sorry for the bad word.

The Cove (2009) is about the hunting of dolphins somewhere in Japan …and how an elite team of activists tried to stop this illegal activity….and how they really fought with everything they had, risking their own lives, for their love of marine animals especially dolphins..

for those of you animal lovers, i advise you to watch it :p

because this documentary will open your eyes, give you more knowledge, make you shed tears, and even more tears as u reach the ending of the movie……but trust me it will not make u smile or even laugh…. unless you’re a dumb retard who laughs at dead dolphins.. LOLOLOL

anyway so here are some screenshots from The Cove. (READ: SPOILER ALERT!!!!!)

this is the banner of the movie... and the picture says it all 😥

the water has turned red of blood.... whose blood? just watch the movie!! P.S. i hate this picture.

aww look at the dolphins!!! well, they look happy... there's something hidden within their hearts, though...... go watch the movie!!!!!

these are the hard core activists designing something. u wanna know what they are designing? again, WATCH THE MOVIE!!! LOL :p

for more info, just go here:

happy watching!! 😀

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