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Charity…..? let’s do some charity!

hell yeah… when it comes to charity, some guys just stay away and pretend to not know anything… it happens a lot! sure there is nothing wrong when it comes to helping people, besides i think it’s entertaining…i mean, it’s not that i laugh at those poor kids for being little jerks and all (HA HA imagine if i did!)

… it’s fun to help them.. i’m not that much of a religious person and i dont believe in karma… or in any rewards that come from above..nah i dont believe those… when it comes to rewards, well… seeing them happy, is its own reward.. šŸ™‚

for you who tend to stay away from activities like this, you probably think that you’d better spend your money on your own happiness rather than spend them on charity..i used to think that way.. Ā things changed ever since i first did charity (cant remember when n where. i think it was a church activity? hmm)…. try to do it too and maybe you’ll change how you think about the poor guys..


i know this story took time a year ago maybe? but i guess its okay to share.

me and this guy Faisal (fuck yeah a funny guy you should meet him… girls?)… some guy named Erick (an otaku, hmmm that’s all i have to say about him i guess..) and this girl Herwina (who is extremely obsessed with disney princesses…holy shit those girls don’t even have a proportional body posture! look at their hips!), went to this orphanage near Slipi Jaya.. a good place to hang around with the kids.. we got there for a class project but we werent there for the marks… trust me if you were with us you’d experience something different. here are some photos to share!

wait… do u upload photos here? i’m pretty new so it’ll take time..



where’s the upload button????????????


…………….. Ā I CAN’T FIND IT!!!!

oh there it is!


the one in stripes is erick.. some otaku guy.. the one with black bag is faisal..

the kids jumped into action when i announced we were gonna take photos. cute eh? the kid at the right looked like he was about to transform or something LOL

there's the old guy that runs the orphanage! umm i forgot his name.. sorry... -__-"

look at faisal! his hand's like "WTF" in italian... LOLOLOL dont worry guys he was doin something else

that's me in hawaiian shirt... look at the boy at my right... he's looking at me like some gay... but no worries he isn't gay (i hope)

u see some origami in front of us? (in the above picture) yeah i made that. i forgot what the origami was… hmmm.. hey dont blame me! it was 5th of august 2010! last year! LOL.. Ā the photo was taken by erick.. herwina just had to go home before the session..

thats me talking to a boy about Captain Tsubasa.. u know, the anime about soccer...about a boy who needs 5 minutes (or the whole episode) just to shoot the goddamn ball!!

so what did we do there? some questions and answers with the leaders.. some jokes too… a me (not that im beingĀ narcissistic).. origami… jokes with the kids… well basically we only went with the flow.. it was fun out there…

and we’re planning to go there again this week.. hopefully we’ll bring some more snacks there…

and for those of you who live here in Jakarta and would like to visit the orphanage, here’s the details:

Yayasan Yatim Saā€™adatudarainĀ 

Jl. Hj. Sainin.

about the complete address and the phone number, i’ll go ask faisal tomorrow after class or during class…

i hope you guys who read this would like to do charity too.. help people’s lives before yours end!

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