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My Lovely Jakarta.. :) (screw it! i am being sarcastic!)

to be honest, i am an honest guy. i’m being honest here. so honestly i only honestly say what is honestly happening around me.

i saw an x-man walking by the streets (you know.. an ‘ex’ man? no not the movie.) i tell you about him…or her..or whatever..

i saw a little boy acting like a beggar, begging everyone in every car during the red lights… i tell you about him.. no, actually he wasn’t acting.. he didn’t have a right eye.. and he was about 12? dang… poverty..! yeah i’m gonna talk about poverty one day… poverty in jakarta.. or even indonesia… but today we are going to talk about JAKARTA IN GENERAL.

just this morning my teacher told us that according to statistical data, people in jakarta breath FRESH AIR less than a week FOR EVERY 365 DAYS. so for the rest of the year we only breath second-hand air (i mean, the air coming out of other people’s mouth. gross but its happening), smoke from cigarettes (smokers.. even children smoke here! look,20110511-333790,uk.html), and even the smoke coming out of vehicles (we rarely find gas vehicles here guys.. we mostly use fossil fuel. sick eh?)


anyway, so yeah considering the amount of pollution we have here, what do you think is the life expectancy of the guys living in jakarta? here’s the link.

so, jakarta isn’t that good of a city as y0u think.

pollution not only comes in the air.. you see there's a garbage bin there but hardly any people throw their garbage there.

now let’s go to the traffic…………………………………………………

this is a metropolitan city. people from rural areas come here to find themselves jobs to do. and when they DON’T find any job to do, THEY STAY HERE. LOL. i mean seriously, RARELY do you find these guys going back to their villages. you can ask any Jakartanian you know.

now ur asking, “they stay here? but what do they do? considering they’re not accepted for the jobs”….they BEG… they become beggars… they bring their malnutritional kids with them to catch people’s sympathy… and then people will look at them and say, “aawwww…. look at that small little kid…here’s a coin!” and that’s how they get money! i’m sorry i forgot to take pictures. i will next time i post about my city.

what about those who come from rural areas and get job to do in here? they STAY HERE. and that’s why it’s becoming so crowded here, and they use bikes and cars to travel around. so can you imagine how the traffic’s gonna be like? i’ll give you time to think…

thought  about it yet?


okay i know you haven’t thought about it yet.. but if you have, thank God. if you haven’t, then….God be with you.

here are the pics:

haha if u live here, u get to see this kinda scene ALL THE TIME. so it's not surprising for us. 🙂 imagine driving there :p.. and look at the number of motorcycles!

this bus STOPS there. along with the one behind it. they're actually waiting for pedestrians to ride with them. imagine how the cars behind them will react.... oh yeah here comes traffic jam!!!!!

hey it’s not that i’m trying to ruin the city’s good name… i’m revealing the truth… if u see ads about jakarta being beautiful… well.. think again.. Jakarta is beautiful when it comes to malls.. and malls…and malls…….and malls… that’s why u get everything u want here (if u got money)… but consider the traffic (stressing u off), and the pollution (cutting ur life off)… in the long run do u think u will live happier?  u dont see beautiful parks like the ones in US or UK here. only buildings are present.

u see something touching the ground from the wild bus? that's the exhaust pipe... hehe cool huh? and look there's a guy in the bus staring at me! he's probably thinking, "dang i look good" LOL

why do i call them “wild”, u ask me? well…  because they ARE wild. they speed up like shit (no kidding) even in cities, dont care who they hit or who they scare off…that’s why u see that they look dilapidated.. oohh they have gone through a lot of hits and bumps and so on… these WILD buses are called Metromini Bus.

i almost got hit once by one of these. they were speeding to catch up with the green traffic light and i was walking across the street.

here’s another link i’d like u to see..please do: and read the comments. 🙂

this is the path u take to the bus station... and ITS MEANT FOR PEDESTRIANS!!!!! but again.... law breakers are everywhere... here's one.. :p

i took this on a bus (and no not the wild one. a Transjakarta bus. u see a red bus there in the pic? yeah that one. i ride one of those.

Jakarta is a metropolitan city… you see EVERYTHING here… u even get to see demonstrations here… done by….umm… ah just look at their faces! they look teenager-ish to me… i cant remember what they were demonstrating about.. didnt pay attention because i was listening to Lady Antebellum’s music that time (i need you now..yeah that’s the title i think)

those are only A FEW of the things about Jakarta IN GENERAL… i will go into detail on each point later in my other posts.. otherwise this will be a very very long post.. i hate long posts…

and i know the shits happening in Jakarta probably happen in other countries and cities too…. but i’m just letting other people know, who didnt know about this at first…


tbh i’m not a biased person. some other time i will post about the beautiful side of Jakarta.. no worries… its gonna be fun 😉

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