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Beauty Tips? here are mine :p

the internet connection has been a pain in the ass..

..............and nothing changed for a week or more...........damn internet....

and i have also been busy studying spanish and japanese languages.. i have this sudden boost of mood to learn new languages i dont know why..hahaha.. i listened to some spanish songs and yeah it helped..


now that i have time to blog again, i think blogging about health would be quite interesting.. especially for you ladies! and not only for ladies… men can be more handsome by following some of my beauty tips..

i’m not a girl so i’m not that keen enough to care about fashion and stuff.. but since i was in the science stream and have studied a bit about nutrition and health care, i think i know what it takes to be beautiful naturally, without the help of make ups or expensive treatments.. 😉

who says being beautiful costs a lot? haha.. these easy tips might help smoother your skin and make your pale face look brighter and more vivid 🙂

so without further ado, let’s get started 😀


the first is: WATER!

simple? yeah but effective! many people tend to always crave for beauty, without actually realizing that drinking enough water (1.8 litres a day..well, make it 2! haha) actually have benefits that can make u look fresher.

besides, 60%-70% of our body consists of water too!

-you will have a more radiant complexion if u drink a lot of water.. don’t worry about having to pee every now and then because of your drinking a lot of water.. peeing is healthy anyway! it throws away those toxins or waste from the body, or even the bacteria, keeping you healthy always!

-the skin is intricately tied to our overall health.. if your body is well hydrated, then your skin will feel a lot better if you touch it…have you ever felt dehydrated? i mean, feeling so thirsty… yeah being dehydrated really makes you look pale.. try not drinking for a day and dehydrate yourself.. and then look in the mirror and you’ll see a very pale and sluggish face..

-if you are trying to lose weight, consider drinking more water. why? because burning fat creates waste products which need to be removed from the body.. the more fat you burn, the more of those toxic waste products need to be removed.. and water will help quicken the removal of those waste products.. this will in turn help you lose weight quicker!

How to know that you are dehydrated:

– you dont feel so good… you’re not in a good mood…because water is cool..and your body is warm.. if you lack water, then that means the balance is off and you feel so warm and that’s not a good sign…you’ll have mood swings easily too.. so water keeps you cool if you drink enough of it.. 😉

-just pee. if your pee is yellow or pale orange, that means u need to drink!!! if it’s white, then that’s great! you’re really hydrated!

-you feel thirsty… (d’uh!!!)


second is.........zzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzz...............................

yep…*yawn*… it’s true, guys.. it’s really true that sleep does make you look slimmer, healthier, prettier, and more beautiful… i read in this magazine about how sleeping really improves how you look:

you see that headline? Sexy, slim, and smart: the power of sleep.. oh my God i'm just in love with the cover girl.... who is she?????

well, here’s the link to the article Sleep to be Sexy, Slim, and Smart. please read the article!!!! i insist!! it’s really important for you if you really want to look better, and prettier..just like the cover girl above! click here

here are some of my tips:

don’t stay up too late! turn off your computers when it’s time to go to bed.. many people just claim themselves to be insomniacs when they’re only a bunch of guys who can’t take themselves off the internet!! guys! you’re not insomniacs.. just try to make the room temperature cooler so you’ll feel more comfortable, hug your sweet bolster and head to dream land..

unless if you’re really an insomniac, probably you just think too much.. -____-”

make sure your body clock is working correctly.. what i mean by body clock is the usual time when your body starts to fall asleep.

for example. i personally usually sleep at 3am.. and wake up at 2pm… now, my body will set those hours as sleeping hours… my body will assume that 3am is the normal time to sleep.. as a result, if i sleep at 12 tonight all of a sudden, then i will surely have trouble sleeping because my body and brain don’t think it’s the normal time to sleep..i will have trouble sleeping until 3am, because it has become the normal time for my body and brain to sleep… this makes it a bad habit for me…and that shows that my body clock is just not good. and if i wake up before 2pm in the afternoon (which is my normal wake up time), then i will feel sooooo sleepy… showing that my body is in ‘sleep mode’..

let’s start to set a good time to sleep..and we’ll have a healthier way of living.. staying up late like that actually makes your skin more baggy and pale..

you want to have a good tight skin like the cover girl above.. by sleeping at a good time..

-and make sure you have enough sleep! here’s a print screen from wikipedia:

depending on the age, we all have that ideal amount of time we need to sleep

-make sure you have a good sleeping environment too..make sure your sleeping partner doesn’t snore hahahahaha..

you don't wanna be that girl hahaha

-you dont wanna have a pale face because you dont sleep enough… so get some sleep if you feel tired.

again, click here for the readers digest article i was talking about..

Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.

Thomas Dekker

“Health is the first muse, and sleep is the condition to produce it”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

P.S. dont sleep too much either. you will feel dizzy, headache, or fatigue. 🙂


if you think that fruits dont have what it takes to make ur skin look more beautiful, think again!

since, my fingers are starting to grow tired of typing now, i might as well show you some things from a website, click here for the website.. OR….. if you’re too lazy to even click that link, let me copy-paste the article here:

“Fruits and Vegetables for Healthy Skin

Eating for Beauty!

Do you need fruits and vegetables for healthy skin? Absolutely! A healthy diet is essential for healthy skin… and fruits and vegetables are fundamental to a healthy eating plan

Fruits and Vegetables for Healthy Skin

Nature knows best… enticing us with a beautiful array of colorful, health-enhancing foods. The bright pigments in fruits and vegetables are an indication of their disease fighting capabilities. They are rich in various nutrients and powerful antioxidants.

Fruits and Vegetables for Healthy Skin

Antioxidants guard against free radicals… the minute enemies that speed the aging process. That should persuade you to eat your fruits and vegetables! The key to receiving the most benefit is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables… for healthy skin and a healthy body. To ensure you consume a wide array of valuable nutrients, follow the unique eating plan below…

The Color Code Method

Fruits and vegetables divide easily into four color groups. Each group provides specific benefits.

Oranges and Yellows

Carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash, yellow and orange bell peppers … oranges, tangerines, mangoes, and apricots. This group provides lots of beta-carotene, a tough free-radical fighter. Vitamin C, highly beneficial to skin, is also prevalent here. Vitamin C promotes and protects collagen. Collagen provides support and elasticity to your skin … delaying the onset of wrinkles!


Tomatoes, red peppers, guava, pink grapefruit, papaya, and watermelon (all lycopene-rich)… cranberries, red bell peppers, red onions, and strawberries. Lycopene is the star antioxidant found in much of the red group. Studies show it may offer protection from the damaging rays of the sun. Numerous other documented benefits, such as reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, come from high consumption of lycopene.

Note: cooked tomatoes release their lycopene more readily than raw. A good excuse for extra tomato sauce on your pasta! Vitamin C is also abundant in the red group.


Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, collards, green bell peppers, kale, kiwi, romaine, and spinach. Vitamin C, folate, and cancer fighting cruciferous vegetables are the all important winners in this group. Eat your greens!


Blueberries, blackberries, beets, plums, red grapes, eggplant, and purple cabbage. Berries and plums contain some of the highest concentrations of antioxidants in the plant kingdom. They are so delicious! These gems make eating fruits for your skin a joy. Try to include foods from each group every day. The above list is by no means all-inclusive. A visit down the produce aisle will offer many more choices. Think color and variety. How much should you eat?

Serving size

Aim for 4-5 servings of vegetables and 4-5 servings of fruits daily. I know, that sounds like a lot. But portion size is smaller than you might think.


  • ½ cup chopped…raw or cooked
  • 1 cup raw leafy vegetables: spinach or lettuce
  • 3/4 cup (6 oz) vegetable 6 oz vegetable juice


  • ½ cup chopped
  • 1 medium fruit: apple, banana, orange, peach
  • 2 small fruits: Clementines, kiwis, plums
  • 1 slice (large fruit): melon, pineapple
  • ¼ cup dried fruit: apricots, figs, raisins
  • ¾ cup (6 oz) fruit juice


A large fruit salad recipe can be enjoyed all week long. Assemble on the weekend and enjoy this skin-enhancing treat anytime. Consume a large variety of fruits and vegetables for beautiful skin and optimum health. Simple and delicious, these gems from nature form the foundation of a healthy, glowing complexion. Enjoy! Reference: Joseph, James A.; Nadeau, Daniel; & Underwood, Anne. The Color Code: A Revolutionary Eating Plan for Optimum Health. New York: Hyperion, 2002.” so there..

*panting* that’s why i hate long posts… sore fingers aaahh……… 😥


this kretek looks delicious.. but hang on!! read what's in it for u!!

have you ever heard of the saying “smoking kills” ? yep of course it’s true! not only does it kill your lungs and damage your brain, it also does bad damages to your skin! here’s how..

A) smoking increases significantly the rate of carbon monoxide in your blood, this promotes those free radicals that make you look older (age-inducing free radicals)

B) nicotine from the cigarettes actually acts like adrenaline, which causes constriction of blood vessels (err….vasoconstriction? yeah..that..), and this means less blood will travel through the tissues, which in turn causes the reduced oxygen supply to the tissues (which means the epidermal tissues will also be effected). and this causes the skin to sag more, causing more wrinkles. you see? it’s actually a chain reaction… and a bad one too!! smokers have a higher risk of developing wrinkles.. so if you wanna stay fine and cute without any wrinkles, throw that zippo away (in fact you could just send it to me), and throw those cigarettes away too.. it’s not worth ruining your beauty for the sake of those stuffs…it doesn’t make you sexier..

C) Smoking ————–> premature skin aging due to the reason above ^ ————>more wrinkles

D) because of the lack of oxygen supplied to the tissues (mentioned in reason B), wounds tend to heal more sloooowwllyyyyy……………you don’t want that do you?

E) Pale face due to the reason B

F) you do know that smoking causes your lips darker, don’t you? it does. and pink healthy lips are sexier anyway – everyone says so. the nicotine from the smoke actually makes your lips darker and it will only get darker and darker unless you quit smoking..

quit smoking for beauty!!!!


it's pretty fun, it's pretty addictive (when you're enjoying it), it's exercise!! (okay i suck at cheer-leading!)

now that you’ve read how the lack of blood circulation due to the constriction of blood vessels  in the tissues actually gives you more wrinkles, it’s easier for me to explain!!

you know now that less blood circulation because of vasoconstriction causes the skin to sag, and now let’s find a way to increase the blood flow/circulation and increase the oxygen level supplied to your skin at the same time!

by  exercising, you actually are promoting the blood circulation to your whole body, and the blood travels quickly with a lot of oxygen (since you breath more when you’re exercising) through the tissue.. this way even your skin tissue will feel the benefits of being supplied with rich oxygen. and when your skin tissue is happy, with more oxygen and blood circulation, your skin will be less saggy, less pale, and more vibrant! that’s how exercise makes your skin look beautiful 😉

remember that you will also be removing those filthy waste products by sweating, and that’s why your sweat tastes really salty.. it’s salty because of the waste products.. even your acne will tend to disappear gradually as you routinely exercise because even the waste products from your skin (in this case, the acne) will be removed through exercising. i used to have a lot of acne on my face. but i drank a lot of water and exercised regularly, and slowly those acne disappeared..hahaa.. cool huh!

our body is designed to move, that’s why you have hands and legs.. and that’s why you need to move! move! move! exercise!!!! don’t just sit in front of the computer or sleep or just shop.. those don’t burn enough calories to keep you healthy or make you healthier!!


moisturizer!!!!! oh boy the girl above has very cute kissable cheeks......

yep!! once you have done all the five steps (before this one yeah), it’s time to add everything up with some moisturizer!!!!

now moisturizers are like lip balms.. it keeps the skin from drying out, and it also nourishes the skin at the same time..

however, the moisturizer won’t work if you keep on destroying your skin by smoking, not drinking water, not exercising, and by not eating enough fruits and vegetables.. that’s why some girls just always complain about their moisturizers when it’s all their fault by not doing the right routines well. (sometimes they even use the wrong moisturizers for their skin types)

remember that oil-based moisturizers and water-based moisturizers provide equal benefits. the only difference is that the oil-based moisturizer stays on the skin better although it feels a bit greasy (yuck!), while the water-based moisturizer doesn’t stay on the skin as well although it feels better and not greasy.. it depends on your own preferences.. 😉

to find out more information regarding how to make a better use of your moisturizers, click here

personal preference:

here’s what i used to apply on my skin

this one's kinda more expensive than the others but it's really good.. smells nice, feels nice.. it absorbs quickly and my skin feels much smoother the next day..

my mom used to use this:

my mom used to use this one.. it ran out and she never bought a new one..i think?

i’m sorry if there are only 6 tips from me….*panting*.. it’s a pretty long post..and gosh it’s 4 a.m. in the morning here and i do need some sleep!!!!! i need to take care of  my skin too, y’know! 😉

so yeah. i hope those tips and information really helped you out! happy living!  😀 😀


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