DAISO – a Japanese store in Jakarta

20 Jul

(this post is is LONG……because it is FULL OF INTERESTING PICTURES in it… so don’t be discouraged.. :p )





Today has been a very tiring day for me… but was fun… i’m not gonna talk about how i feel the whole day because i promised myself not to write a diary of feelings here.. what i talk about in this blog, is what is going on around me or what i see around me.

just this afternoon my momma and i went to this Japanese store in a mall (for those who live in Jakarta, the mall is Artha Gading) that sells Japanese stuffs.. and i’m not kidding, everything sold in this store is Japanese…so it’s kinda cool.. u dont see a lot of japanese products here in indonesia (which are not counterfeited though hahahaha)..

so it kinda gives you a feeling that you’re somewhere in Japan , knowing that everything around u is japanese.. and one more thing: everything here is sold for Rp. 22,000, – .. which is 2.2$ (approx. it depends on the currency rate, though).. not more, not less..

let me say this again…

EVERYTHING IS SOLD FOR RP.22,000,-.. without any terms and conditions.. pretty nice huh? whatever nice pretty product u see there costs the same as the screwed up ones… hehehehe..

and then there was one sales woman standing right in front of the entrance shouting “Welcome to DAISO (in japanese)!” and then again in Indonesian, “everything here sells for RP. 22,000! we sell everything from kitchen utensils and toys!”

…………………and she kept on repeating the same lines over and over and over again, whether there were people around the store or not…….and it kinda annoyed me and other people in the store (i’m sure!) because u just couldn’t listen to the pleasant japanese music being played in the store! what the hell? i couldn’t concentrate on my shopping..

so if u wanna come here and shop, make sure u bring with you ur MP3 player…




so yeah.. this store sells EVERYTHING… and i took some photos stealthily too… here:

whoever designed this must have watched too much anime... hmm....

colorful liquids! although i am not sure whether they are used for paintings or drawings? or maybe calligraphy? they are all written in japanese! gosh i wish i could read! (see that label stating "Semua Barang rp.22,000-" ? that means "everything Rp.22,000." .. told ya!

these are for keeping paper documents of different sizes. i was starting to think that this store is a combination of book store, and other stores too.. u'll see 🙂

they also sell japanese decoration equipment here in the store.. with japanese descriptions which i do not understand hahahahaa

awww they also sell cute straw hats here! if i had a gf i would have bought one of these for her... (they seem to be intended for girls)

the sandals wrapped in plastic at the left are fold-able ones (i think, they were folded though when i saw them), and the right ones are, well, real sandals..ahahha.. made of soft padded cloth.. very comfortable!

this japanese store sells everything! even equipment u will use for cosplays! haha look at that! there are masks as well!! u rarely see these stuffs in jakarta..

it's a toy for kids... i don't know what it does though.. i can't read the japanese words and explanations... too bad... -___-

now u can see that ALL the words printed on the products are in japanese… oh gosh they are soooo japanese!!! because they are japaenese products! (duh!!!)

this is a toy for children. i do not know what this toy does or how japanese kids play with this. i dont even know what kinda toy it is. or whether it IS a toy...

these cute watches are colorful, but not water resistant. u can see there's a description printed on the box! i'd like to buy the blue one (my fav color) though, but sadly i have already worn 2 bracelets on my left hand.

this time i am sure that these stuffs are for calligraphy!!! hahaha.. (okay! u got me! i asked the sales person what they were! satisfied? LOL ... u see the label again? "buka berarti membeli" means "opening means buying"...

this large scythe, is for those who like to kill!! muahahahahahahahahha..... just kidding.. it's a gardening tool :p

it's a type of gel.. because it says so.. LOL.. but i do not know what this is to be honest... i wonder what this is.. hmmmm...

guess what these are! these shirts are meant for babies!! aww so cute eh? ..... just kidding.. look at the picture below :p (sorry if it's blur.. i was using a phone camera)




ta-daaahhh!!! these are actually for dogs!! to dress ur dog like michael jackson! hahahaha it's cool and glossy! making ur dog sexier! LOLOL

here's a closer look at the label

i am pretty sure those japanese letters read "o-ri-ga-mi" LOLOLOLOLOLOL it's so obvious xD

so Japanese guys eat grapes with spoons? @______@

it seems that Japanese guys love bamboo products! hehe.. these look neat 😀


hey!! they sell outdoor toys too!!!!! look at that boomerang! DAISO must have produced that boomerang so kids could hit their parents with it hehehehehheheheheh (just kidding guys)

look at those bags.. these bags are meant for travelling purposes.. they keep the food u store in them warm... it's pretty practical... if you're travelling to different towns and carrying cold drinks or hot soup, you can store them in these bags... 😀

i am not sure what these bamboo or wooden matts are for.. i like the looks of them though :p

table tennis for everyone!! even for.....err....toddlers? hahahahaha




prepare for the next image…




















*giggling* like i said,...fufufufu.....they sell....EVERYTHING.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA

let me zoom in... *holding laughter* hihihihihi.... not that i'm being mean... omg they even sell these...."stuffs" in the store...dont feel offended!! >__<

look what i eventually bought... those pink and green containers are for storing food stuffs... look at the black ones.. those are for storing paper documents or notes... look at those steel products..those are kitchen tools.. bottom right are a pair of shoe pads..i wonder what that brown furry headset above the shoe pads does.. my mom bought that..

yaaayyyy my second A7 pocket notes!!!!!! (my last one got "destroyed". dont ask how).. i bought this one in the store. worth the price!

*GASP*......... i guess not EVERYTHING in the store is made in Japan..... @___@. i guess it's true, that "living things are created by God, anything else is made in china."

so there!! now u really believe me that the store actually sells EVERYTHING!! even those…..women stuffs…..

but that proves how those japanese are very creative… they have products for whatever purposes! they even have those  grape spoons for those of u who don’t wanna make ur hands dirty while eating grapes..

they even have toddler table tennis rackets..cute outdoor toys and the cosplay masks… to be honest the products there are very colorful and refreshing for ur eyes… u have seen how colorful they are in the pictures right?

some guys think that japanese people are popular for the porn videos..well.. i  kinda agree.. but on the other side, come on guys, you gotta agree that they also produce some of the most creative and innovative products in the world…. had it not because of the high prices, i would have had every single thing i have Japanese!

and look at the last picture above! that’s what they do to reduce the cost and so place lower prices – outsourcing. the quality stays the same (i hope….)… and u still feel that Japanese aura projected by the products… 😉

if u’r planning to come to Jakarta, visit this Daiso store in Artha Gading!

address of the mall: Mall Artha Gading 1Fl Blk 7 No.1, Jalan Arta Gading Selatan, 14240. telephone:  45864001

for those who do not live in Jakarta or Indonesia but want to buy those cute and creative japanese products too, you can buy online from the online store:

and for those of you who want to look at Daiso’s official webpage, here it is:

for the english version of the website:

enjoy ur shopping!!!! 😀

but don’t buy too much……………………………….or else……………………you’ll run out of money… @___@


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2 responses to “DAISO – a Japanese store in Jakarta

  1. Fifi

    July 11, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    actually most of the stuff from china (see the barcode)but produced for Daisho – Japan. And in Japan all the stuffs = 105 Yen, 210 Yen and 315 Yen….I’ve been there last june and thanks GOD,all souvenir for family and friend just bought from here hehhehe

    • Fried Chocolate

      September 2, 2012 at 12:08 am

      yes indeed but the quality of the products seems to be pretty good! and it IS a really good place to buy souvenirs!


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