Book Recommendations!!!!!! :D

13 Jul

i’d like to recommend some books to you who love reading!!! (i like to read too… but sometimes i just dont have the time…)

different people like different types of stories… from sci-fi, love stories, actions, or even autobiographies… here are some of the books i’ve read!!

for those of you who like to read cute funny stories with morals.. you can try out Roald Dahl’s book… it’s meant for children but it is still okay for us readers to join in.. it’s still pretty fun to read!! it is illustrated and how Roald brings the story to us is very unique and i’m sure you will get addicted to reading this one!  and the words are easy too so u dont need any Oxford dictionaries by ur side :p

lookie here! BFG.... stands for Big Friendly Giant... not "Big Friendly Gay"..!

look at the conversations... so childish but it brings smile on ur face.. and no it's not that Roald is a retard that he wrote in such horrible grammar.. he did that to make the story even more fun to read! it's cute right? c'mon admit it!

(above) just read the text! it’s very entertaining!! it keeps us from getting bored…

and for those of you heavy readers………………………… i’ve got something else for you! yeah you!! whoever is reading this…

the following book is a fantasy book… about the adventure of a mouse named Matthias (a mouse warrior! imagine that!) and his friends… should try it out!

Mattimeo... a Tale from Redwall. written by Brian Jackques

i’m not kidding. this is a damn good book to read… it’s thick, 430 pages approx.. but it’s really really worth it!!!!

the thickness of Mattimeo book

here's a glimpse of the first chapter of the book. go ahead and try reading it :p

from the casual words written there in the pic above (i’m sorry if it’s not that clear but if u try, you can actually read it. just click to enlarge), i dont think you need a dictionary by urside because all those figures of speech just make the whole novel a very thrilling one…without the use of any difficult words… trust me, it’s worth the money 😀

try and compare the thickness of the two books.

well, Mattimeo is twice the thickness of Roald Dahl’s book, but it’s as much fun to read!

go ahead and visit a store nearby and grab them! i’m telling ya! the two are good books!  😀

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